October 24th 2008
Glad you’ve come back.

The good news is that my wife, Celia, is having the pot off her broken wrist next Friday, October 31st. Great stuff! That’s Halloween, which coincidentally is the publication date of my new Inspector Angel book, MURDER IN BARE FEET. So we are going out for a double celebratory lunch. We’re planning to have haddock and chips at a quiet little pub we know out in the country. (Stuff the expense). Please look out for MURDER IN BARE FEET in the shops or in your library. It’s an intriguing story that stumps Angel for a while. I had great fun writing it. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Hey, I had an email from a reader who has just read MANTRAP. She said she enjoyed it, which is always nice to hear. I note from her address that she lives in New Zealand. Her name is Mrs Amy Pollard.
Isn’t the internet amazing? It reaches all parts of the world. Do you think anybody in Mars is also having a secret peek at this?
Anyway, Amy tells me she used to live in Askern, which is not far from Doncaster and Bromersley. So she knows the places Angel and Co visit, and the kind of locations where the crimes are committed.
Do you know, I understand that my books are sold in every English speaking country, but up to now, I’ve only heard from the US and Singapore? It’s nice to know that Inspector Angel is also read in New Zealand. Good on you, Amy. Thanks for the email. Slap another sausage on the barbie.

You know, I’d love to hear from you. If you send me an interesting email, I might give it a mention here and you could maybe see it in due course.

Must go. I’ve got to collect Celia from the hairdresser’s. And I’m supposed to be working on another book. I’ve got started and it’s going OK, so far. I’m on page 50. Hales need 224. Only another 174 to do. Easy?

Thanks for looking in.

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Come back soon.
Take care.