March 6th 2013

Hello there …

In Yorkshire it’s a cold, foggy day, and I cannot get my feet warm. I haven’t been to the Gym this morning because it’s my shopping day. I’ve been down to Tesco’s and bought all the fresh grown stuff such as raspberries, strawberries, cabbage, apples and so on. Then I went to the shoe shop for new pair of black shoes for those formal occasions. I like to look smart. Strangely, I have kicked a hole in the toe of one of them. Yeah, and it’s not as if I go scampering up walls or anything like that that we did when we were kids. I was one who always had a grazed knee. However, the shop was shut. Maybe that was providential? I glanced in the window and on display they had black leather shoes for men from £110 to £225 pair. Wow!

I said I would let you know how the slimming battle was doing and the truth is that I have lost only 1/2 lb in four weeks, which is very disappointing, considering all the sacrifices I am making and the exercise I am putting myself through five mornings a week. Mind you, sexy Linda is not too upset by this. She says, taking everything into account, if I manage only ½ lb a month, every month, that would be 6 lbs in a year which would be good progress. Considering I no longer need to take a blood pressure pill at all and I don’t need to have injections in my shoulder for the great pain I used to have there. That is progress. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Since last writing I have heard from an old friend from my school days, Peter Mitchell. He found me by seeing my name on a book. He read the book and deduced from the story, and some of the character’s names that I was the chap he went to school with many years ago in Gloucestershire. He was right. He phoned the publishers and they sent me a message down the line, and I was delighted to speak with him on the phone. He and his wife are calling on us later this year. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have just checked through the manuscript of THE BIG FIDDLE and it goes to the type-setter, then it is checked again and printed and made into a book. It will be published in April or May. THE FRUIT GUM MURDERS is being checked over at the moment and I expect it will be published later this year. Needless to say, I am writing another Angel book but I haven’t yet decided on a title.

I have just realised that while there is no VAT on a printed book, there is VAT on all ebook editions. It sounds incongruous to me. What do you think?’

Spring isn’t far away. Have a great time and enjoy your reading.