March 28th 2009

Ah, there you are.

I am very proud to know a dear man who is 92 years. He is a widower and has eight children (5 stepchildren and 3 his own). We go out for lunch every few months or so. He doesn’t walk very well but we all take our time. He enjoys a pint of real ale and tells us amusing stories about his first job as a humble clerk for Tate’s, the sugar people in the East End of London. He wanted to become a parish priest, so he left the office and went into a seminary. After many struggles, he eventually he got a living in the ship building area of Govan in Glasgow and then later he served in beautiful Campbeltown on the road down to the Mull of Kintyre. He married a widow (a lovely dear lady) who already had 5 children and he had three more with her. Years later he served in Barnsley in the 70’s, where he retired ten years later. He never owned or drove a car but managed well enough on a bicycle. His mode of transport lately, which he jokingly calls ‘the car,’ is a three wheel electric invalid scooter. He has a great sense of humour and is always searching the conversation for puns. I remember a joke he told me last time I saw him. It went like this:

There was a family of cannibals sat round the stewpot with a fire underneath. It was mealtime and one of the children said, ‘I’m not hungry. I can’t eat anymore.’Mother said, ‘All right. You can leave your grandmother, but you must eat your potatoes.’
After he told it, his face creased up with laughter. He’s a lovely man. And he never grumbles.

Anyway, by happenstance, the queen was watching the Alan Titchmarsh chat show on afternoon telly a couple of days ago, which made her sit up and take notice. She told me afterwards, it was about actors and actresses who are still working. Several names and their ages were mentioned, I’ve added a few more …

Betty Turpin 88 years
Peter Sallis 88 years
Liz Smith 87 years
Dora Bryan 85 years
Robert Hardy 84 years
Angela Lansbury 83 years
Jean Alexander 83 years
Geoffrey Palmer 82 years
June Brown 82 years
Bruce Forsyth 81 years

Isn’t it fabulous? Do you know of any more famous people who are, say over 80 and still working? Send their names and ages to me (they must be famous and still working) and for the most interesting addition or additions, I’ll send you a copy of my latest book WILD ABOUT HARRY which is to be published on April 30th. I’ll even write in it if you want me to. My email address is <> Good luck.

Thanks for looking in. I’ll get back to you soon.