Monday, 28 November 2011

I’m back, book lovers.

This is a busy week for me.

It was ‘Stir up’ Sunday, on Sunday. The day traditionally set when the cook in the household made the Christmas Pudding. Did you make yours? No. You big fraud. I expect you’ll buy one from the supermarket.

On Wednesday, it will be the launch of the Kindle, Sony Reader and iPad edition of my book, THE SNUFFBOX MURDERS. I've never done this before, but everybody's doing it. So if on Wednesday you see crowds of people taking a day off work, marching around, waving banners, fighting the police and making speeches, don’t be a bit surprised!

And Thursday next, December 1st, is the day of the release of the beautiful recordings of my book THE DOGCOLLAR MURDERS read by that great actor, Jonathan Keeble.

So it’s a busy week.

And since I last wrote, I’ve had my ears syringed and my eyes tested, so I should be OK for a bit longer now. If you’ve crackling in your ears, have them syringed by a competent Nurse. It doesn’t hurt. It sounds as if the North Sea has come rushing in at you, but no worse than that. And you sit with your head upright in the normal position, which is good. So there’s no question of feeling dizzy afterwards. I thought you’d have to lean to one side, like having drops in. But no. Now I can hear the queen as if she was sat next to me – which she is. She never stops telling me what I ought to do or ought to have done.

Well, I’d better back to writing. I’ve reached an exciting part of the book, where Angel has to stop the murderer committing another murder. I’ll have to go, or he might get there before Angel does and kill him.

Thanks for looking in.
Thursday, November 10th 2011

What do you know?

My erudite friend and website Manager, James, has kindly found a link that will enable you to listen to the actual broadcast referred to below on my last diary post. If you have a computer, tap in the address below.

Happy listening.

And reading.

Back soon.
Tuesday, November 8th 2011

Hello there, book lovers.

I had a very interesting time last Sunday evening on Radio Litopia. I was a guest on their weekly, 50 minute programme, ‘Litopia After Dark’. It is from the writers’ colony of the English speaking world (their phrase). It was broadcast at 8 pm here, 1 pm on the west coast of the United States and 3 pm on the east coast. There were no ads. I was in good company with fellow authors Barbara Nadel and Chris Nickson. Their website is It is a specialist website for writers. This month is their 'Crime Wave' . That's why I was on.

Moving on …
Fellow writer and friend, Zoe Sharpe, went out to the States in March and on her return, she wrote in last month’s issue of RED HERRINGS, –

“…while waiting for a flight in one of the largest airports in the US I realised that I was one of only three people in the entire departure lounge who was reading a paperback. Everybody else was reading on some electronic device.”

Well book lovers, whatever is going to happen next? Are you the proud owner of a Kindle, Sony Reader, iPad or some such device? Are you buying your reading matter in electronic form or do you still want to hold a book in your hand? Do write me and let me know. I will reply to you even if it takes a week or two. And if you say anything I can usefully print, I will put it in my next piece here. My email address is

Well, I’d better get back to writing my book.

Thank you for looking in.