Wednesday May 25th 2011

Hello there …

My big news is that I have just finished my latest Angel book and I am really cock-a-hoop about it. I hope that Hales will like it too. The queen (my wife, to new readers) is proof-reading it now and I expect to post if off on Wednesday or Thursday. I have called it THE CHESHIRE CAT MURDERS.

Would you believe it, Sport, but I have had an email from Rick Silverwood from down under. Melbourne actually. He’s been reading my books and wondered if we were related. Well, I reckon any Sport who has a name like Silverwood, and reads my books upside down has got to be related, what do you think? He sounds like a great guy. Who-roo, Rick. Thanks for writing.

I said I’d tell you if I lost anymore weight since adopting this new lifestyle. Well yes, I have. I was weighed by sexy Linda was on April 1st and then again on May 6th, and I had lost 10 lbs. (The previous month I had only lost 2 lbs which was very disappointing). I get weighed again on Friday, June 3rd. I’ll let you know how I go on. I now go to the gym three times a week. I do a 55 minute workout each time. It’s long enough.

I see a very old lady there. She looks incongruous with her grey bobbed hair and half lens specs. She is very slow and heavy, but is determined to succeed. She spends most of her time on the treadmill at a slow speed. Better that she does a little exercise than none at all. I bet her arthritis (or her breathing or whatever is wrong with her) is improving. I notice that some of the other inmates have started talking to her and that she seems very happy to reciprocate.

I came across a great read the other day, the biography of Rony Robinson, the Alan Sugar of the BBC Radio Sheffield airwaves. It’s called WHO’S BEEN TALKING. It’s a warm walk through nostalgia. And it is definitely not expurgated. But be sure to read the latest Angel book, THE DOG COLLAR MURDERS first!

The latest news I have is that THE SNUFFBOX MURDERS will be out on Kindle, Sony Reader and iPad very soon. Apparently, to get it started, the cat’s whisker will need a squirt of WD40 on the widget, then it has to be pushed to the top of the hill for a good run down the other side before shoving it in gear and letting in the clutch.

I’ve just had my attention drawn to a review of THE DOG COLLAR MURDERS. It’s by the USA firm called ‘Readers Favorite’. They are ever so kind. Among other things, they say, ‘I like the author’s style of writing,’ and ‘This is a great mystery.’ You couldn’t wish for better reviews than that, could you?
I say, God bless America! President Obama can put his arm round my queen anytime he likes!

Be in touch again very soon …

Take care and look out for the sun.