July 28th 2013


There you are …


Long time no see.  Well, I’ve finished another book so I feel that I can take a breather and write my friends and tell them all  the news.   


Haven’t we had some glorious weather.  I hope you’ve been in a suitable place to enjoy it.  There’s nothing as beautiful as a summer’s day in England.  And don’t you think that summer days past were better than the summer days we get today?  It makes me wish I was a kid again. 


Reporting on my diet, I am pleased to say that I was 1 lb down in April, 3½ lbs in May, 1 lb in June and nothing in July.  My next weigh day is this week, August 2nd.  I have made real efforts, so I expect a small loss.  My downfall is all the wonderful fruit that is available just now.  I simply adore fresh strawberries.  As sexy Linda (from Change4Life) keeps telling me, they are OK in moderation, but I can’t do anything in moderation.  What a bore life would be.  I’ve always been an all or nothing man. 


My old friend from school days, (short trousers and school caps) is coming up to see us on August 9th and I can’t wait to greet them: Mr and Mrs Peter Mitchell.  They live on the outskirts of London so they are planning to stay one night in a local hotel.  We haven’t the room in our little place, otherwise it would have been a delight to have them stay with us.  It’s 62 years since we last saw each other so you can see how exciting it is. 


My new book, THE BIG FIDDLE will be published on August 30th, and THE FRUIT GUM MURDERS around December/January time.  The book I have just finished hasn’t been sent to the publishers yet.  I have called it THE MONEY TREE MURDERS.  I hope they like it.  I’ll let you know what the verdict on it is in a month or so. 


Keep in the sun, keep happy and enjoy your reading.