Tuesday July 5th 2011

Hello there …

The good news is that the publishers have accepted my new Angel book, THE CHESHIRE CAT MURDERS and it will be out in hardback next year in March. The bad news is that I was weighed on June 3rd and had lost only 2 lbs in a month. That’s a whole month’s new lifestyle, including the new eating discipline (although I was never hungry) and a hard, one hour work out at the gym three times a week! However, I shall keep at it. I am beginning to feel those endorphins kicking in. If I can catch two, I will them in a shoe box and maybe they’ll breed.

Sexy Linda (of WeightWise) is away for on holiday for a couple of months, so I don’t get weighed again until early September. I hope for a big weight loss report then. Already my new trousers are already an inch or two too big at the waistband so I live in high expectations. Whatever the result, I will let you know.

I was green with envy when I heard that a couple had written a crime novel and it had been published as an ebook* and that they had sold over a million. Then I heard that the price per copy was 70p. So I got to wondering how many Angel books could be sold if the price per copy was only 70p?

*Incidentally, ebook is an abbreviation of ‘electronic book’ which essentially means a book published electronically on the internet and not available conventionally printed on paper, bound within covers and available from retail outlets. I mention that because not everybody knows it.

If you’re having a holiday, have a super time. Enjoy the sun and each other, and come back brown and beautiful.

If you can stand the meanderings of this old writer, please keep looking in.

Take care.