October 25th 2015

Hello, again.  There you are.  On Friday last I was weighed by sexy Linda at Change4Life, the local NHS outfit.  And I’m all smiles because in the last 4 weeks, I have lost 2½ lbs.  Now it might not sound much, but it’s a heck of lot considering I’ve been either standing still or putting on a pound or two these last three or four months. 

However  the sad news is that I might not be seeing sexy Linda again.   Over the last five years, she has been responsible for me losing over 5 stones in weight by instructing me to follow a healthy life style and thereby avoiding a nasty operation!  It hasn’t only been dieting.  It has been a real eye opener to me to realise the easy alternatives open to us.  The reason why I might not see Linda again is that the NHS is changing everything again!  Everything is up in the air.  Her job may change.  Nothing in our lives is destined to stay as it is.  Old fogeys like me have to work round all the changes in life made by authority.  It’s a good job I have the queen, who always steers me in the right direction. 

Speaking of the queen, she had been rather ill, and had to go to hospital.  She was there for six days and they did all sorts of wonderful things and she came out fighting fit.  They have also found her a different medication regime to assist her digestion which is suiting her very well. 

Anyway, I want to tell you about I’ve been doing.  I have been very busy.  All my books that have been published in hardback can now also be read on line on a Kindle or any similar electronic reader.  Also another of my books, THE MONEYTREE MURDERS has been recorded (for the blind) and is available at shops, on line and libraries throughout the UK. 

A new idea for short story readers or those who don’t want to wade through a whole book is on website www.pennyshorts.com.  There you can see all sorts of short fiction for 50p a read.  I have contributed a short story to it titled THE TOLLINGTON GHOST.  

A new Angel book, THE MURDER LIST, is coming out this weekend and I have another, THE LIPSTICK MURDERS, being published on March 31st next year. 

Oh yes.  Please note, as from Monday October 26th to Friday, 30th, SALAMANDER is available free from Amazon on Kindle.  It will be good for people who aren’t familiar with my stuff to try me out for nothing.  I do hope those who are Kindle readers will take advantage of it. 

Keep well.  Keep happy.  Keep reading.

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